Character design: Jay D


Used in the mobile app series Jam Dance, Jay D. is a cooler than school playful interactive buddy. Used as an extension of the product as well as representation of the target audience a series of digital illustrations was created, were used as loading screens for the different game levels. The images collectively tell the story of the average day in the life of Jay D. He goofs off at school, skateboards about town, and records music in a studio.


The assets used for this project involved pre planned poses of the 3D rendered Jay D and photo files pulled from shutterstock as well as assets created with my own camera.

The character Jay D was rendered by Tanya Weisner.


JayD01 JayD02 JayD03 JayD04 JayD05 JayD06 JayD07 JayD08 JayD09 JayD10

Below: Process/concept art for Jay D and other potential Jam Dance Characters.