Character Design

Nog’s Gem Quest

At Zivix they began building different apps along side their flagship product, Jam Party. Below are three projects where I significantly contributed to the character design needed for each of the apps. Nog’s Gem Quest was an Easter egg hunting style game that had many characters and huge overarching storyline. Initially the main character, Nog, was to be hunting for eggs, but later it was decided he should hunt for gems.


Jam Dance Character Design Jay D

Jay D Mix and Skate, and The Disco Frog were both games that reused the Jam Party music editing game mechanic. The object of the game was to make as many mix moves as you could, which would cause the character to dance and earn Jam Points, and thus level up. There was a story line for each character and cinematic material was developed. As a game it was pretty weak, but the tablet was a much better interface for this style of App. For Jay D, I created a series of digital collage illustrations that chronicle his day and lead you to the next level.


Disco Frog In Game Story Motion Comic

For the Disco Frog I produced a series of motion comics for the in between level cinematic. The story was about a frog who needed to work on his dancing skills so he could earn respect at the club. He starts out dancing in a swamp outside of town, then finds himself boogieing  at a rundown beach resort and finally he returns to the club to show them all. Fun fact: Zivix got the rights to use the Lipps Inc. disco classic Funky Town for the final unlock of the game.