I began painting on wood about 5 years ago. Usually I would find an old skateboard to redesign, but when I repainted a cat head shaped carnival game I was hooked hooked on finding my “canvases” at thrift stores, dumpsters at construction sites, or laying in the streets. I use my workshop to sand, clean and prep the surfaces, and sometimes, to construct a new shape from a few wood pieces. After I coat the object with light grey primer, I absorb the power of the shape, and let the design come to me through random bursts of inspiration and meditation. With charcoal I mark my ideas freely, until the right concept emerges. Then I create a digital sketch and transfer the lines to the strata. It usually takes 3 coats of paint to get the bright colors I like. I often use a glossy finish to give the work a candy like feel. I am most inspired by emblematic surrealism pop art, and cartooning.