Media Design

What I most enjoy about media design is that it often involves a lot of moving parts. Process documents have to be made, assets need to be sketched and crafted, designs are implemented and reevaluated. More often than not, people with different skill sets are required to complete the project.   Professionally I have worked on many media based products and campaigns. Over the past few years I have been producing a cartoon rock band called The Foshays, a project that uses all of my abilities and brings together, and makes use of, the talent that is available to me. Whether it’s recording music, drawing a comic book, building assets for a game, producing a video, or managing a website I often find myself excited and challenged by this field of design. Below is a selection of work from my media design portfolios.

The Foshays screenshot
Music Videos

The Foshays Comic
The Foshays

Jam Party Final Logo Design
Game Design

Jay D Running in the Hall: Game Story Illustration
Character Design