The Foshays

Harry, Joey, Franky and Freddy

The Foshays are a cartoon garage rock band from Minneapolis MN. They’re young, bratty, uptight, lazy and a little philosophical. I began working on these characters while finishing up art school. I wrote long story lines for the group, and even though it was a good exercise in character design, the overall product didn’t meet my standards. Later I came to the realization that I needed to create the music first. Comics and character designs are fine but the songs have to be at the center of The Foshays story. So I set out to write my dream rock roll record. There were to be no songs over three minutes and no ballads. Guided by hard rock and bubblegum aesthetics I made sure they were all catchy and danceable tunes. With the music recorded, with the help of my band Mannequins on Welfare, I began the the bands online presence by creating a series of one panel comics. I have also produced videos for the group on their YouTube channel, as well as products, such as T-shirts and posters which one can buy at

Below are a few galleries displaying The Foshays comics products and videos.

The Foshays: Comic Rock Stars

Foshay Promotions